Youth Leadership Development

Beneficiaries tae part in a Group Discussion during a leadership development workshop

This program is aimed at empowering Youth leaders from both formal structures like the National Youth Council and the youth leaders in the informal sector working groups such as boda boda associations, farmer groups, street vendor associations, cooperative groups in leadership skills and social enterprise development.

While the youth councilors, we enhance their ability to understand and perform their roles, advocate for the issues of youth in the youth council meetings and also be accountable to the people they represent. NAC enhances their ability to access to enterprise financing, business advisory services, VSLA, civic education, group leadership and participation to enable them become Active Citizens and productive members of society.

This is done using the Active citizens program in partnership with Uganda Youth Network, which facilitates NAC to carry out the trainings in the district of North and western Uganda mainly in: West: Isingiro, Hoima, Kasese, Ntugamo North: Abim, Moroto, Nebbi, Gulu and Kumi with funding from Oxfam, DGF and Action Aid under different youth empowerment projects.